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Silent G is Julia Lougheed, Phoenix-based clarinetist and exploratory sound artist. silent g performs on both soprano and bass clarinet, often pairing the soulful tones of her reed instruments with electronic sounds to showcase just how vast of a soundscape one can create with this single instrument. Most of the music performed by silent g is created by living artists, and much of her music contains improvisational elements, with large sections generated on the spot. Through sharing sounds created by artists living through current times, silent g hopes to use her platform as a performer to draw attention to modern concerns and complex social issues and – presenting this work without comment and raising questions for listeners to work out later. Drawing from a wide range of stylistic influences from the realms of both classical and popular music, silent g’s work has been most aptly described as “what would happen if Laurie Anderson and Yoko Ono had a baby, and that baby took clarinet lessons.


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