• Album Release - Stanley Curtis | Orbits of Infinity

    "My colleague, James David, wrote a piece for me called Moonwatcher, which shifted my focus to outer space. I talked with four other composers to s...
  • Album Release - Luke Spence | Twentieth Century Art Songs

    "Playing in the vocal style is an important aspect to trumpet playing, but my love for vocal music runs much deeper. Ever since playing Schubert's ...
  • Album Release - Grand Rapids Symphony | Strauss & Villa-Lobos

      “The idea behind the program was to celebrate my Brazilian and German heritages, allowing the listener to experience the orchestra performing th...
  • Natalie Groom on Producing for Tonya Burton's "Reger Three Suites"

     I like to say if you find someone you can make music with, be friends with, and do business with, you need to hold on to that person forever. Ton...
  • Album Release - Jacob Dalager | Paradigms

    Trumpeter Jacob Dalager’s new release Paradigms explores the music of international composer Anthony Plog, who lives and works in Freiburg, Germany. Dalager is joined by his colleagues Daniel Aune, organ, Lauren Giest, soprano, Gregory Scott Stuart, narrator, and Joseph Yungen, piano. Although this project was initially halted by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dalager’s cohort of colleagues came together and proceeded to record with careful Covid precautions in order to make this album come to life.

  • Album Release - City Singers Youth Choirs | Winter is My Friend

    This collection of six songs, plus activity songbook, was created through remote collaboration during the COVID-19 pandemic to bring beauty out of uncertain times. City Singers Youth Choirs joined with musician friends Frankie James, Rosette, Moruza, and members of No B.S. Brass Band to create Winter is My Friend—a festive project for the young and the young at heart.
  • Album Release: Tonya Burton | Reger Three Suites

    "I remember being immediately captivated the first time I heard one of Reger’s Suites for Solo Viola performed. The music is enticing, expressive and dramatic all the while full of humor and charm. It has been my deep pleasure getting to record my own interpretation of these Three Suites with Tonsehen!" - Tonya Burton


  • Album Release: Chris Gekker | Trumpet Music of Robert Levy

    “A man named Bob Levy called, he’d like you to call him back about a job.” What started as an invitation to a Summer teaching gig has turned into ...
  • Neil Brown on recording Chris Gekker | Trumpet Music of Robert Levy

    Much like Chris says that Bob Levy served as a model musician for him, Chris has long been an inspiration for me. I am a trumpet player in addition...
  • Arkansas Tech Symphonic Wind Ensemble Album Release + Q&A with Daniel A. Belongia, conductor

    The wait is over! The Arkansas Tech University Symphonic Wind Ensemble’s album is now available here at Tonsehen! This album features absolutely ph...
  • Composer Interview: Jessica Krash | The Salon Sessions

    We sat down with composer Jessica Krash to discuss her composition Hand in Hand. Jessica gives us some insight on her inspirations for writing the piece, the development process, and her thoughts on hearing Hand in Hand come to life on The Salon Sessions.
  • Album Release: The Corno D'Amore - Justin Drew, horn

    Tonsehen-- in collaboration with horn player Justin Drew-- is excited to announce the release of “The Corno D’Amore”! Justin’s phenomenal horn playing is complemented by the masterful performance of organist Julie Vidrick Evans in this collection of Baroque transcriptions for the horn.
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