Album Release: The Corno D'Amore - Justin Drew, horn

Tonsehen-- in collaboration with horn player Justin Drew-- is excited to announce the release of “The Corno D’Amore”! Justin’s phenomenal horn playing is complemented by the masterful performance of organist Julie Vidrick Evans.



“The Corno D’Amore” is an album of Baroque transcriptions for the horn created by Justin himself. Originally for the oboe and oboe d’amore, the presented works were chosen for their sonic beauty and accessibility for the modern-day horn player. While the Baroque horn functioned more like a signaling device rather than a melodic instrument in its time, Justin’s careful treatments of the original compositions help to bring the gorgeous horn sound we know to the comforting music of the past.


Represented composers on the album include Baroque masters Johann Sebastian Bach and Georg Philipp Telemann as well as important contributors to the oboe repertoire such as Alessandro Marcello and Tomaso Albinoni. From the virtuosity and flair of Marcello’s Concerto in D minor to the tender inner movements of J.S. Bach’s Concerto in A Major, BMV 1055, Justin masterfully showcases the many voices on the horn. The album title itself is a play on both the French word for love and on the oboe d’amore itself.

The team here at Tonsehen had just as great of a time recording this album as we do listening to it. Recording Engineer Neil Brown had this to say about his experience working on the album: 

"I’ve known Justin and Julie for many years both as friends and as masterful musicians, and getting to work together on this project was such a pleasure. Justin has made a real contribution to the horn repertoire with this music, and it was important to capture his interpretations and experience with these arrangements. The pairing of horn and organ presents so many interesting musical possibilities and colors, and I hope Justin and Julie’s beautiful playing can introduce listeners to a new and different world within these familiar Baroque melodies."   

Julie, Justin, and Neil at Recording Session


“The Corno D’Amore” is now available for purchase in multiple formats right here on We hope you enjoy the phenomenal performances of Justin Drew and Julie Vidrick Evans!



Neil Brown served as Recording Engineer and Producer for “The Corno D’Amore” with Christian Amonson as Mastering Engineer. Album design is courtesy of Shelley Goldstein with photography by Kyung Jung of Yellowhale Photography. The album was recorded at Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC in November of 2018.